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Embatex Ltd is an independent Austrian manufacturer of printer consumables for all established brands and is one of Europe’s market leaders. It is our aim to decrease our customers’ printing costs while keeping up the same high quality level. Production methods and product range of new manufactured products (ribbons) have turned almost exclusively to recycling products (toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges) over the last years. Our products’ characteristic state-of-the-art quality is based on resource-saving and at the same time cost-reducing production, for which Embatex’ main production site in Feldkirchen, Carinthia (Austria) is responsible. Embatex’ product development department as well as the empty cartridge collection management are located in Feldkirchen as well. We have to consider the major challenges of closeness to the market, the short-lived nature of printer consumables as well as the shortest, quickest transit routes of used cartridges in order to achieve a continuously low-cost recycling method. Our own brand “Emstar” was especially designed to combine all attributes essential for Embatex Ltd’s position in the market.

Embatex Ltd’s high quality level could be achieved by unconditional realization of all possible improvements, based on continuous research and development works as well as the introduction of the best and most recent production processes and numerous coordinated test methods.

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